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ICAOR2 – London

International Conference on Advances in Osteopathic Research

25th-26th November 2000 at the Law Society, London

This two day conference addressed current areas of osteopathic research.

Keynote Speakers

Dr Frank Willard & Dr Peter Gibbons

Research Presentations

Representatives from Australia, Latvia, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom, and United States of America delivered presentations on topics including :-

  • Chronic Low Back Pain: Pelvic Rotation and pain Intensity Correlated.
  • Spinal manipulative treatment.
  • An EMG Study of Rectus Abdominis activity during four different abdominal exercises and the implications for clinical practice.
  • The Amelioration of Atlanto-Axial and Cervical Rotation Asymmetry using High Velocity, Low Amplitude Manipulation: Is the direction of thrust important?
  • The Osteopathic Management of Children with Down’s Syndrome
  • A retrospective pilot study of the costs and benefits of osteopathic manual medicine as an adjunct to orthodox hospital care.
  • Effect of pre-emptive morphine and postoperative osteopathic manipulative technique on pain following total abdominal hysterectomy: A pilot study.
  • The Effect of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment on Headache Pain:
  • Preliminary Results from a Randomised Controlled Trial
  • Intra and Inter-examiner reliability for palpation of the cranial rhythmic impulse at the head and sacrum.
  • Role of Osteopathy in Cardiovascular Patient Rehabilitation.
  • The Effect of Manual Therapy Techniques on the Neuromuscular System.

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