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ICAOR3 – Melbourne

3rd International Conference on Advances in Osteopathic Research

16th & 17th February 2002 at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

The following Papers were presented:

  • Upper limb muscle development in osteopathic trainees
  • The relationship between the duration of sub-maximal Isometric contraction (MET) and improvement in the range of passive knee extension.
  • Is Manual Therapy a rational approach to improving health-related quality of life in people with Arthritis?
  • “Bodylearning” A study of three years of osteopathy-in-action in a UK ‘Special’ primary school for children with ’emotional and behavioural difficulties’
  • “Body expression”: an osteopathic interpretation of the body postures and expression of children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  • Anatomical Evidence for Cranial Suture Movement
  • Osteopathic treatment changes the behaviour of upper extremity in co-ordinative task
  • Osteopthic treatment improves bimanual co-ordination in a simple isometric task.
  • A comparison of the effects of manipulation to the talocrural joint with the articulations of the spine.
  • Lumbo-pelvic associations with hamstring strain in professional soccer players
  • Effect of Visceral Osteopathy on the gastrointestinal absnomalities in children with autistic discorders.
  • The Efficacy of Stretching for Prevention of Exercise-Related Injury: A Systematic Review of the Literature
  • Alternate Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy Enhances Muscle Function.

Date Posted: 22/06/2002 | Posted In: ICAOR

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