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Dr. Arjmand Saaid MD, PhD

Contact: as@bcom.ac.uk

Dr. Arjmand Saaid trained as a doctor in Baghdad where he held clinical posts in Baghdad teaching hospitals and worked in the anatomy department of Baghdad Medical School. He studied for a PhD at University College Galway-Ireland, and later lectured in the anatomy department of that university. He was awarded a Diploma in Tropical Medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and a PhD from the National University of Ireland in 1985. Subsequent to this he was appointed as a lecturer in Baghdad Medical School and demonstrator at St.Georges Medical School.

Dr Saaid joined the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1989, using the facilities for dissection and research in the dissection room at University College London (UCL). Over a period of five years he was a demonstrator in dissection at UCL to ophthalmic doctors undergoing training in preparation for their MRSC qualification. Dr Saaid was awarded an Honorary Research Fellow of UCL and currently is Head of Anatomy at BCOM, teaching clinical subjects to fourth year students supervising MSc students at the College.

  • Publications
    • Saaid A, Birch W. ’ Extensive Bilateral Renal Variations presented at the  6th International Symposium of Clinical and Applied Anatomy. Croatia  June 2014.

      Involved in a major research project with the UCL anatomy department with Prof. Dean. Fibre composition of hypoglossal nerve and its relation to the development of speech. Ongoing 2013.

      Extensive bilateral renal variation; a cadaveric study-ready for submission. Ongoing 2013.

      Saaid A, Drysdale IP. Unusual termination of the cephalic vein.  British College of Osteopathic Medicine and Anatomy Department, Medical School, UCL – Paper submitted and accepted to the Journal of clinical Anatomy. 2008

      Saaid A. Unpublished research work on fibre composition of hypoglossal in relation to development of speech. 2005

      Wali, FA., Makinde, V.,  Mahoney, A. and Saaid, AH: Comparative effect of pancruonium and vecuronium on rat isolated hepatocytes. Biochem-soc-Tranns. 1990 Oct 18(5); 10011990

      Makinde, V., Mahoney, A., Saaid AH. and Wali, FA: Comparative effect of pancuronium and vecuronium on rat isolated Diaphragm and Kidney. Br J. Pharmacology. vo. 100, p432, suppl. June 1990.

      Saaid, AH., Fitzgerald, MJT. and Lalor, P:  Hyperinnervation in juvenile rat skin. The 10th Annual General Meeting of The Irish Society of Electron Microscopy. 1988

      Saaid, AH., Fitzgerald, MJT. and Jennings, SG:  Merkel cell replacement in adult skin may be nerve dependent. (Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland). D3. 1988

      Dardouri, H., Fitzgerald, MJT and Saaid, AH:  Extent of overlapping the cutaneous distribution of intercostal nerves:  An anatomical study in the rat.

      Irish Journal of Medical Science, Vol 157, August 1988 p.280

      Fitzgerald, MJT., Saaid, AH, Jennings, SG. and O'Sullivan, R:  Regeneration of adult touch domes.  XII International Anatomical Congress. Page A206. 1985

      Fitzgerald, MJT., Jennings, SG and Saaid, AH:  Replacement of rat tactile domes following destruction by laser irradiation. The Journal of Physiology, 255, p10. 1984

      Fitzgerald, MJT., Saaid, AH., and Jennings, SG:  Experimental behaviour of touch domes (Haarscheiben). Acta Anatomica, Seventh European Anatomical Congress, 93, 25. 1984

      Recent Paper Presentations

      Saaid  A, Bahal G. Innervation of the Iliolumbar Ligament, Department of Anatomy, British College of Osteopathic Medicine, London,UK., 2nd International Symposium of Clinical and Applied Anatomy, 9th-11th July 2010-Prague,Czech Republic. 2010

      Saaid A, Drysdale I, Agha H, Birch W. Unusual Bilateral Termination of the Cephalic Vein. 1st International Symposium of Clinical and Applied Anatomy, Novi Sad, Serbia 9th September 2009

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