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College Life

The Student Union

There is an active Student Union at BCOM. It is affiliated to the National Union of Students and offers members reduced-price travel and various other typical NUS benefits. Regular events, inter-collegiate sporting activities and curry nights are just a selection of extracurricular activities organised by the SU team.

The Student Union also participates fully in the academic life of the college and is represented in a number of important committees, acting as a liaison between students, college management and the BCOM Board of Governors. Student Welfare is also a key area of involvement.

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Recreational Facilities

Students have their own common room, a communal games room and a student kitchen and dining room.

Freshers Week

This is the first week of term at the college and is structured to introduce students to the course and to college life in general. The college Administration and Students Union prepare a programme of events to welcome students to BCOM. The first day is scheduled for enrolment, financial administration and a formal welcome from the Principal and members of Faculty, culminating in an early evening social event.

Introductory lectures and practical Osteopathic classes commence on day two, accompanied by an introduction to research, all with an emphasis on meeting Faculty and interacting with other peer groups of students. Key members of staff will be on hand for dedicated advice during this week. By week two, new students are feeling very much at home.

Student Stories

  • Camilla Capon
    • Graduated 2016

      “I have always wanted to be an osteopath. Since my time in ballet school I have had a particular interest for human anatomy and biomechanics. Later on when I started to teach Gyrotonic, specifically to dancers, the elderly and those who were trying to get a better understanding of their scholiosis through movement.  I felt a real call for Osteopathy as it would enable me to help them further and I was able to introduce Osteopathy and Naturopathy at the studio where I already teach soon after graduation.

      Since then I have gone on to join a second clinic which is based in a yoga centre, where I help movers of all ages through injury and better posture as well as following pregnant ladies pre- and post-partum. Being a mover and a mum myself it feels good to be able to offer science based holistic naturopatic treatment in a context that feels my own, and with the support of osteopathic principles I am now able to help people through the same injuries I once experienced myself, with a positive and tailored treatment approach that honours their individuality.

      My student experience at BCOM

      “BCOM offers a wonderful, large and appropriate curriculum. I would say it's one of the best within the osteopathic field, and compacts intense and rewarding training in only 4 years.

      The road is certainly long and the learning carries on even after graduation because the education received is thought provoking and solid enough to enable each young practitioner to develop further skills and approach the medical field with competence.

      This is not a course for the faint hearted, because it requires dedication, time and commitment in many different areas: from nutrition to anatomy, from dissection to naturopathy, from pathology to patient skills. All this viewed through the lens of the future osteopath which is not just a manual therapist or an anatomist, but a clinician who appreciates that bridging the gap between the old and the new, the natural and the medical..

      I feel very grateful to BCOM for the hardships and joys of this journey which has literally changed my life, turning me into this person who is now excited to go to work and meet patients every day.

      BCOM has supported me not only through a change of career but through important stages of my life. I feel confident in saying that although they stand by a high level of competence they also like to see their students develop their talents and turn osteopathy into their future, whatever their life challenges.”

  • Andrew Georgiou
    • Graduated in 2015

      Since graduating from BCOM Andrew Georgiou has continued to pursue his goal to study medicine and become a doctor in his native Cyprus. Andrew started his 6-year MD course at the European University Cyprus School of Medicine in September 2015.

      Andrew has always wanted to become a doctor and has a strong family connection with osteopathy with his grandfather being the first osteopath in Cyprus - a fact that he is extremely proud of. After graduating from high school, Andrew served for two years in the Cyprus Commando Special Forces and completed full field training, qualifying as a field nurse. He then went on to gain a Foundation Degree in Biological Sciences from  Nottingham Trent University before commencing his Osteopathic training at BCOM on the Masters in Osteopathy course.

      Andrew explains how training to become an osteopath prepared him for his medical studies:

      “As a student at BCOM, I found that the college provided good academic support; the academic medical programme was intense. In addition, working at the BCOM clinic taught me professionalism enabling me to gain a good foundation on how to practice high quality and effective patient-centered osteopathic care. BCOM provides a close-knit educational environment, thus making possible the essential interaction between administration, academic staff and students.

      Everything from my lectures to the clinical training has been extremely beneficial, and being in Clinic was one of the best experiences I could have as I was able to treat a wide variety of patients. The contract with the NHS gave me a valuable insight into how the system works.

      The osteopathic medical philosophy and education during my training as an osteopath will offer me the chance to incorporate and practice the best of both alternative and conventional medicine, to encompass the full meaning of being a doctor. The integration of osteopathic principles and practice will help me to connect more meaningfully with and to the benefit of my patients when practicing medicine.”

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