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BCOM has an international reputation for academic and research excellence

Message from the Student Union

If you are reading this, it means two things:

  1. You are considering a career in Osteopathy – well done.
  2. You are considering pursuing your studies at BCOM – brilliantly done!

At BCOM, you will be provided with a first-class education. You will become excellent anatomists, have superb handling of your patients etc etc but that is not why you are reading our contribution to this prospectus. You will find, in both your colleagues and your tutors – and all staff at BCOM – warmth and friendliness, which we believe is unparalleled in the academic world.

BCOM is a relatively small college, which means that within a very short period of time you will know most of the students and all of the teaching staff. They will provide you with friendship and more importantly, a support system throughout what is a challenging course. You will find your colleagues provide academic support as well as one or two drinking buddies, no doubt! You will find a remarkable mix of people at the college. There are students from many countries, speaking different languages and from vastly different backgrounds. Many BCOM students are school leavers, whilst others are in their thirties, forties and beyond and from other professional backgrounds.

The facilities offered by BCOM are excellent, with use of the UCL Dissection Room, an extremely well-equipped human performance lab and a well-stocked library. You will also be exposed to much more than just biomechanical Osteopathy, again a unique part of your BCOM experience. You will learn lots about nutrition whilst also qualifying as a Naturopath. Indeed these should be viewed as intrinsic parts of your practice as an Osteopath. BCOM is well situated with easy access by rail, tube and bus and we all use local pubs, restaurants and shops regularly.

All in all, we believe that you could not make a better choice than to become an Osteopath and that BCOM is the best place for you to do that. Good luck and looking forward to you joining us soon.


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