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Annie Osborne

Annie is a fourth year student on the Undergraduate Masters in Osteopathy (M.Ost). She is looking forward to launching her own business after graduating from the course.

“My experience at BCOM has been life-changing in so many ways. I have changed immeasurably as an individual and owe this to the incredible experience I’ve had at BCOM.

The lecture schedule and content are phenomenal, gradually introducing you to the body and concepts of osteopathy, flowing seamlessly into clinical practice and leaving as fully competent and qualified osteopaths!

The student support has been great; there is always someone to go to for advice, feedback, or to answer a burning question. I can’t thank BCOM enough for changing my life, setting me up for a fantastic career and enriching me with knowledge and skills that I can use for the rest of my life.

The BCOM curriculum has meant that I feel confident to leave here with skills to work independently. The practice management modules within the final year equip us with the knowledge to start our own businesses and I’ve used these skills to set up my own practice.

I have been inspired by the achievements of my lecturers and tutors, as well as the wonderful environment that BCOM offers that has allowed me to thrive and reach my full potential.

BCOM offers a very well-rounded education covering a huge range of modules such as exercise physiology, functional medicine, psychology and pharmacology to name a few. BCOM, in my opinion offers the most comprehensive osteopathic education, which is one of the reasons I chose BCOM and I’ve never looked back.

I am incredibly excited to be launching my own business as soon as I leave BCOM, as well accepting jobs working within osteopathic clinics alongside other osteopaths and physicians.

I have the confidence and skill to strike out on my own from the start and have the luxury within the osteopathic profession to be my own boss and create a life and career that is perfectly catered to me.”

Masters in Osteopathy (M.Ost)

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