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Camilla Capon

Camilla graduated from BCOM in 2016. Since then her career has taken her to Hong Kong where she is working as an osteopath at a busy practice.

“I have always wanted to be an osteopath. Since my time at ballet school I have had a particular interest in human anatomy and biomechanics. Later on I started to teach Gyrotonic, specifically to dancers, the elderly and those who were trying to get a better understanding of their scoliosis through movement.  That’s when I felt a real call for osteopathy as it would enable me to help them further, and I was able to introduce osteopathy and naturopathy at the studio where I already taught soon after graduation. I then joined a clinic within a yoga centre for some time, where I helped movers of all ages through injury and better posture, as well as helping pregnant ladies pre- and post-partum. Being a mover and a mum myself it was nice to be able to offer science based, holistic naturopathic treatment in a context that felt my own. With the support of osteopathic principles and skills I could finally help people through the same injuries I once experienced myself, with a positive and tailored treatment approach that honoured their individuality.

Thanks to BCOM’s graduate network I joined a busy practice in Hong Kong, working alongside two fellow “BCOMers”. The shift was life changing and very rewarding. With osteopathy it’s impossible to stop learning, but this time it became much more significant because I now treat a very varied population, whose beliefs on health, injury, recovery and sickness can shift considerably. As my patients now range from babies to athletes I am thankful of the many hours spent learning and practising at BCOM, as they prepared me not only to address a variety of musculoskeletal issues but also to discern the psychological, behavioural and biomechanical aspects that go with it – and most of all their humanity!

BCOM has been a most valuable ally throughout my osteo-journey, providing contact and exchange with many senior osteopaths with unique and different approaches from which we could learn and thus discover our own passions, skills and talents. Choosing a career can definitely be life changing – osteopathy, grounded in science, but also in tradition, compassion, humanity, and research definitely offers a thought provoking and varied setting for the curious mind and the caring individual!

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