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Lilia Iaschelcic

Lilia is a student at BCOM studying for the Masters in Osteopathy. The course is her second degree.

“My most memorable day at BCOM was the day I met all my classmates and tutors – they are all great fun. I have always had an interest in anatomy and biochemistry therefore I have found the course to be very interesting and enjoyable.

There is a lot of hard work involved and I have been impressed with how helpful everyone is. The lecturers offer a wide variety of teaching techniques which makes the learning both interesting and enjoyable. They welcome questions and are happy to explain the lectures again if needed. The teaching staff are patient, highly professional and extremely knowledgeable on their subject areas. I can say that my time at BCOM has been the best of my life.

The course is four years of hard work, great rewards and lasting friendships which has made my experience such a positive one!”

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