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Student Support

BCOM Tutorial System

BCOM operates an integrated tutorial system with academic and pastoral support at all stages of the course. This system of support has been developed in the context of the needs of students studying a clinical degree.

This has the following components:

  • Personal tutors
  • Year tutors
  • Course-specific tutor
  • Academic/Osteopathic/Clinical support
  • Professional counselling
  • Student peer support

Year and Personal Tutors

Each academic year at the college has a designated Year Tutor. The Year Tutor will liaisebetween the year and the administration and Faculty.

As well as the Year Tutor, each student has a Personal Tutor who is chosen by the student themselves within the first 6 weeks of the first Academic year. This tutor will usually accompany the student throughout the course.

Student Peer Support has proved very successful as an internal support mechanism for students. During Freshers’ Week, the BCOM Student Union organises a number of events.

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

Here at BCOM we understand that starting Higher Education (HE) is exciting but can also be daunting. Learning alongside other students on your course, however, can give you a greater opportunity to discuss ideas, broaden your knowledge, gain confidence, make friends and adjust to College life more quickly. PAL is a student-to-student support scheme aimed at supporting our students with their transition to,  and on-going journey in,  to HE Level study and the College and to contribute to the wider student experience. PAL  is essentially support for students, by students, and normally takes the form of regular, coordinated group study sessions or workshops run by fellow students called Academic Facilitators.

College Counsellors

The College employs professional counsellors for students who wish to take advantage of this service. All appointments are confidential and are free to students.

Special Needs/Disability

Special needs/disabilities are identified at the admissions stage (as declared on the UCAS form). The college has active contact with its students with disabilities and, together, they have developed a Single Equality Scheme which is available on Osteonet giving a huge amount of relevant information for BCOM students.

Further information

Health Care Advice for Students

The college clinic is available, free of charge, for students with health problems, provided that a senior clinical tutor has assessed and agreed the case. The clinical staff are also available to help students who require advice on where to find specialist care or support.

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