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BCOM joins Institute of Osteopathy Student Committee

BCOM students have joined the Institute of Osteopathy (iO) Student Committee which aims to discuss the support that students are seeking to enable them to have successful careers as osteopaths.

The Institute of Osteopathy is the professional membership body for osteopaths, representing two thirds of osteopaths and over half of the undergraduate students training to be osteopaths in the United Kingdom.

The iO Student Committee met for the first time in December and the common themes that emerged included the impact of the COVID pandemic on education and employment. The iO has had feedback from its members showing that patient demand for osteopathy remains very high, with an increase in the number of new patients. The rise of working from home and associated aches and pains from sitting too long in front of the computer for many hours has led to an increased demand for osteopathy.

Commenting on the meeting, Mike Smith, BCOM representative of the iO Student Committee said, “The inaugural meeting for the iO student Council was a great experience. The ideas that were shared and discussed showed just how much passion there is within the student body to have a say in the future of osteopathy.”

iO CEO and iO Student Committee Chair Maurice Cheng said, “We will be consulting with this committee about current and future iO strategies and plans, and seeking their input to inform our actions. The committee will be a new and important arm of the iO’s governance, with its views reporting directly to the iO Council.”

For more information on the work of the iO click here

Date Posted: 21/04/2021 | Posted In: College News

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