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Zainali Panjwani

Zainali graduated from BCOM with a Masters in Osteopathy degree in 2013. He is a registered osteopath and member of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association (OSCA).

After graduation Zainali’s completed a 1-Year Internship programme with OSCA teamed up with Speedworks – an organisation working with Team GB elite athletes. Zainali worked with some of the big names in athletics including Chujindah Ujah, Reece Prescod and Greg Rutherford. His interest in performance enhancement led him to undertake a 40-Week programme in the USA at the Gray Institute of Functional Transformation (GIFT).

Zainali went on to set up his own business in Osteopathy and Movement Therapy and has completed further study in Functional Golf Movement. He is continually developing in the area of Functional Medicine which incorporates the clinical relevance of the naturopathic and lifestyle approaches of medicine. He says of the osteopathic training undertaken at BCOM:

“It provided a foundation to lifestyle medicine which I now use regularly in clinical practice. The Naturopathic angle that BCOM takes sets you in the right direction of thinking of the cause of conditions rather than just the symptoms. The opportunity to focus my dissertation on a semi-professional football team at BCOM allowed me to understand therapy within sport and gain experience within sport. Having a variety of tutors of different approaches allowed me to learn which area I would like to pursue after graduation whether it be in paediatrics, sports, the elderly or chronic pain.”

For newly qualified osteopaths starting out in their careers, Zainali offers the following advice:

“Enjoy your journey of growing into a great practitioner. It doesn’t mean just because you have graduated you are going to be amazing, it’s a process of learning. Jump into environments that challenge you and challenge your understanding i.e. follow and observe as many experienced clinicians even those outside of osteopathy. Structure your CPD – not to complete the hours but to build upon what your interest is. Remember that BCOM provided you a foundation, if in doubt always refer back to that foundation, it will help you find your answers.”

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